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Urban Planning & Master Planning

Assembly Square [Somerville, MA]

Master Plan and development controls for a $30 mil commercial development at a former Ford Assembly Plant and adjacent land parcels. Planner for obtaining a UDAG program for the City of Somerville for Assembly Square.

Client: City of Somerville, Office of Community Development | Completed 1978

Chelsea Naval Hospital [Chelsea, MA]

Master planner for the Chelsea Admiral's Hill Project consisting of the adaptive reuse of existing historic buildings, 1000 units of new housing development, office use, and new roads and utility infrastructure. Approvals required by the City of Chelsea and MASS Government LandBank.

Client: Chelsea Hill Associates | Completed 1981

Central Business District [Fall River, MA]

Complete redesign of a former HUD Urban Renewal Project to accommodate historic preservation as well as new housing, commercial and office uses. Smaller parcelization and public transit elements introduced design of new public improvements. Assistance in project administration and execution. Planning & Design Consultant to the Fall River Redevelopment Authority from 1972-1982.

Client: Fall River Redevelopment Authority | Project Budget: $12 million | Completed 1982

Murray Industrial Park Urban Renewal Project [Chelsea, MA]

Redesign of former urban renewal project funded by HUD and State Department of Community Affairs after Chelsea fire to allow for new commercial and industrial mixed uses. Planning Consultant to the Chelsea Redevelopment Authority.

Client: Chelsea Redevelopment Authority | Completed 1982

Revitalization Plan for the Loft District [Lynn, MA]

Study for development and adaptive reuse for the MBTA and the City of Lynn Department of Community Development. Associated with Anderson Notter Architects.

Client: City of Lynn Department of Community Development | Completed 1982

Master Plan for the Parkway Plaza Shopping Center [Chelsea, MA]

Development, zoning studies and final master plan for existing 32 acres shopping center incorporating 300 new units of housing, hotel, commercial and office spaces.

Client: Fairfield Realty | Project Budget: $70 million | Completed 1988

Master Plan and Site Plan for Castle Square Housing Development [Boston, MA]

Redesign and new site renovation, landscaping and redesign for 500 unit apartment development to reflect residents' security and site concerns. Residents' input and proposals were presented to HUD, MHFA, BRA and EODC for approval with a construction contract

Client: Castle Square Tenants Organization & Winn Development Corp. | Project Budget: $17 million | Completed 1994

Master Plan for Mission Main Hope VI [Dorchester, MA]

Master Plan for new construction on 24 acres site of former public housing for a new community designed for 535 units with 26,000 sqf community building space. $50 mil HUD Hope VI grant to Boston Housing Authority and private funds.

Clients: Mission Main Development Partnership and the Boston Housing Authority | Project Budget: $72 million | Completed 1998

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