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Family Housing

Thane Street Housing [Boston, MA]

8 units of rehabilitation under MHFA/Section 8 Program.

Client: Thane Street Associates (Developer) | Project Budget: $160,000 | Completed 1973

State Street Block [Newburyport, MA]

16 units market rate rental apartments, retail and offices. Historical rehabilitation of 12 buildings.

Client: Restoration Design Trust | Project Budget: $1.1 million | Completed 1974

Worcester Street Trust Project III [Boston, MA]

31 unit modern rehabilitation under HUD program.

Client: Greater Boston Community Development Inc. | Project Budget: $210,000 | Completed 1979

Broughton Road Family Housing [Danvers, MA]

8 units family housing in 4 or 2 family homes under State Aid Housing 705 Program

Client: Marblehead Housing Authority | Project Budget: $428,000 | Completed 1983

Copley Village Condominiums [Boston, MA]

12 unit luxury condominiums in 3 contiguous renovated row houses.

Client: USA Lesser Corp. | Project Budget: $750,000 | Completed 1986

Union Village [Brighton, MA]

17 luxury new townhouses, courtyards with off-street parking.

Client: Union Village Associates | Project Budget: $1.7 million | Completed 1986

Codman Commons [Dorchester, MA]

39 units of modular townhouses for low income first-time homeowners.

Client: New Boston Housing Enterprises | Project Budget: $3.2 million through HOP Program | Completed 1986

Oak Terrace [Framingham, MA]

160 apartments rehabilitation, midrise and garden apartments. Units renovated while occupied. Redesign of public spaces, landscaping and poolhouse.

Client: Growth Real Estate Group | Project Budget: $9.5 million | Completed 1988

12 Gardner Street [Allston, MA]

12 units market rate rental apartments and new construction.

Client: Sal Chisari, Watertown, MA | Project Budget: $500,000 | Completed 1989

Chestnut Manor [Brighton, MA]

26 units of market rate condominiums, new construction.

Client: Rowley Family Associates | Project Budget: $1.3 million | Completed 1989

Stony Brook Gardens [Jamaica Plain, MA]

50 unit limited equity cooperative, new construction family housing.

Client: Urban Edge Housing Corp. | Project Budget: $4.2 million Tax Credit Subsidy Program | Completed 1993

Castle Square Renovation [Boston, MA]

Renovation of occupied 500 unit apartment complex and commercial spaces built in 1965. Redesign of open spaces under HUD expiring use project. Joint venture between tenants and private developer, architect for tenants.

Client: Castle Square Tenants Organization (CSTO), and Winn Development Company | Project Budget: $17 million under HUD, MHFA, EOCD & BRA | Completed 1993

Peter Faneuil House [Beacon Hill, MA]

Historic Rehab of existing school built in 1911 into 40 SRO units and 8 family units.

Project Budget: $2.77 million under HIF & PFD | Completed 1995

The Joy Street Residence [Boston, MA]

New infill building for 20 units of AIDS housing in school yard.

Client: AIDS Action-Hale Barnard-Rogerson House | Project Budget: $2.4 million under HUD | Completed 1996

Ceylon Field Housing Rehabilitation [Dorchester, MA]

Renovation of 68 units of housing in 16 buildings on scattered sites. Buildings consisted of old apartment houses and row houses.

Client: Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp. | Project Budget: $4.5 million with Tax credits, CDBG funds & grants | Completed 1997 & 1998

Wilder Gardens [Dorchester, MA]

Renovation and reconfiguration of 5 contiguous apartment buildings into 60 new family units.

Client: Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp. | Project Budget: $5.5 million with tax credits, HOME and HIF funding, city grants | Completed 1999

Geneva Apartments [Dorchester, MA]

New 47 unit family houing project. New housing and community building built on the foundations of a former housing project.

Client: MHFA, HUD & Geneva Tenants Organization | Project Budget: $6.1 million under HUD/MHFA Demo/Dispo Program | Completed 2000

Sargent Street Homes [Dorchester, MA]

22 new construction family units designed as single family and two family houses.

Client: Nuestra Communida | Project Budget: $2.3 million | Completed 2002

Howard Darcia Homes [Dorchester, MA]

26 new construction family units with community building designed on scattered sites. Limited equity cooperative.

Client: Nuestra Communida | Project Budget: $3.1 million | Completed 2003

Sister Clara Muhammad Cooperative [Dorchester, MA]

Historic rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of former Fenwick School into 16 units of family housing with community spaces, and five new two family duplex houses to create a limited equity cooperative community.

Client: Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation & Quincy-Geneva New Vision Corp. | Project Budget: $4.1 million | Completed 2003

Washington Commons [Roxbury, MA]

49 units of homeownership housing in the form of townhouses, three and two family flats, and single family homes on 3 contingent subdivided parcels. Market Rate and Moderate Rate Homes.

Client: Windale Developers | Project Budget: $8 million | Completed 2004

Mission Main Hope VI [Boston, MA]

Replacement of a 1945 public housing development with a complete new community consisting of 535 units of family and elderly housing. Consisting of 415 wood frame walk-up family housing as townhouses and flats, a 120 unit midrise apartment building and a new 26,000 sf community center. New play spaces and open spaces and 75 off-street parking. New housing and streets and traffic designed for security and defensible space. Housing is designed as small clusters in blocks to create a sense of community.

Client: Mission Main Development Partnership., Edward A. Fish Assoc., Winn Development Co., Boston Housing Authority and HUD | Project Budget: $72 million construction in 3 phases. $30 million public infrastructure | Completed 2005

Academy Homes II [Roxbury, MA]

New family housing designed to replace failed 1960 project under the HUD Demonstation- Disposition Program with the Mass Housing Finance Agency. 236 units of new family housing on 3 sites: a new community building, new play spaces, and recreation areas. Joint Venture with Elton & Associates.

Client: Mass Housing Finance Agency | Project Budget: $45 million HUD Demo./Dispo. Funding | Completed 2005

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